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We are an agency that specializes in providing translations and linguistic services in medicine and other related fields.

Our price includes providing the finished translation as a printout and/or in electronic form (as required), with the option of free delivery in Warsaw and surrounds.

The high quality of our translations is guaranteed by each text being quality-checked by another translator (following the “fresh pair of eyes” principle) and copy-edited by a linguist or native speaker of the given language.

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Written translations

Our agency's forte is translating specialist, medical-related texts, such as the following:

  • registration documents for medicinal products (e.g. patient information, product description),
  • clinical trial documentation (e.g. clinical trial protocols, statement of patient’s informed consent to participate in a trial),
  • product safety data sheets,
  • documentation of medical equipment and laboratory chemical equipment (e.g. instruction manuals for medical and chemical equipment),
  • scientific texts (textbooks, university course materials, monographs, scientific and popular science articles, dissertations, information brochures),
  • teaching, informational and marketing materials (including multimedia presentations),
  • correspondence and internal documentation
    for pharmaceutical companies,
  • individual patient medical documentation (hospital treatment information cards, medical histories, examination results, etc.).


We facilitate communication at conferences, conventions and symposia, lectures, tutorials and seminars, training courses, negotiations, offering:

  • consecutive interpreting – where the interpreter speaks after the source language speaker has finished, with the speaker pausing every few sentences to let the interpreter catch up
  • simultaneous interpreting – where the interpreter renders
    the message in the target language as quickly as possible
    from a sound-proof booth,
  • whispered interpreting (chuchotage) – where the interpreter also renders the message simultaneously.
    However, the interpreter sits or stands next to the person
    or small group and whispers the translation, rather than sitting in a booth.


We provide copy-editing services for texts dealing with medicine and related fields.

Our clients who are themselves proficient in the target language
(e.g. the authors of research papers) translate their own documents or articles, then ask us for copy-editing and stylistic polishing.

Such editing is performed by native speakers of the target language. In the case of the Polish language, these are philologists, linguists and linguists with many years of experience in the correction
of medical texts.

Medical language courses

Our aim is to tailor our courses to the realities of the EU market.
A good knowledge of English (as a lingua franca) is today indispensable for any medical professional who wishes to find work abroad, who faces an increasingly frequent need to deal with patients from different backgrounds, or who simply needs to use standard medical databases.

Our online language courses use state-of-the-art methods and offer significant time savings, especially crucial for medical professionals (doctors, nurses and others, at times working 12 hour shifts).

We also offer the option of organising standard group courses,
with the teacher travelling to groups in Warsaw or its environs.

We provide original teaching materials (lecture scripts) specially created for general and specialized courses, in addition to preparing all other course-related materials (original scientific articles, textbooks). We draw on well-respected medical publications,
and in the case of courses focused on a particular specialization
also on the relevant specialist literature.

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