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Artificial intelligence in medical translations

Artificial intelligence is a field of computer science that is developing at a fast pace, and its impact on various areas of life is becoming more and more noticeable. One of the areas in which artificial intelligence is beginning to play an increasingly important role is medical translation. In this article, we will discuss the […]

Medical translation in the hospital

Medical translation in the hospital is a very important part of healthcare for patients who are not fluent in the language used in their country. In these situations, a medical interpreter may be necessary to help the patient understand the diagnosis, medical procedures, post-operative instructions, and prescribed medications. A medical interpreter can perform various roles […]

Medical translations in clinical trials

To translate medical clinical trials, the specific terminology and context in which the trials are conducted must be taken into account. Here are some examples of phrases that can be used in clinical trials and their translations: Badanie kliniczne – Clinical trialŚwiadoma zgoda – Informed consentPlacebo – placeboPodwójnie ślepe badanie – A double-blind studyGrupa kontrolna […]

Medical translations in scientific publications

Translating medical scientific publications can be a difficult task as it requires knowledge of specialized medical language and a thorough understanding of the subject of the publication. Below are some tips that can help you translate medical scientific publications: Understanding medical terminology – Before you start translating a medical publication, it is worth familiarizing yourself […]

Interpreter at medical conferences

The work of an interpreter at medical conferences can be very demanding, as it requires not only high proficiency in a foreign language, but also medical knowledge. A translator needs to be able to translate not only words, but also medical terms, procedures and protocols. Prior to the conference, the interpreter should review materials such […]

Scientific texts in the field of medicine

Translation of scientific texts in the field of medicine is a complicated process that requires specialist knowledge and experience. Such texts usually contain complex medical terms and concepts, as well as precise descriptions of research and results. Therefore, the translation of scientific texts in the field of medicine should be performed by people with medical […]

Specializations in medical translation

Specializations in medical translation cover various fields of medicine, such as: General medical translations: concerning general issues in the field of medicine, such as diseases, treatment, etc. Specialist medical translations: concerning specific fields of medicine, such as surgery, oncology, neurology, etc. Pharmaceutical translations: regarding drugs and their use. Medical translations in the field of public […]

Novelties in medical translation in 2023

It is difficult to predict exactly what novelties will appear in medical translation in 2023. In recent years, the development of new technologies and tools supporting medical translations has been noticeable, such as automatic translation tools or translation management platforms. In the future, it is possible that such tools will be even more widespread and […]

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