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High-Quality Medical Translations Impact the Reputation of Medical Facilities

In today’s world, where globalization plays a crucial role in every aspect of life, the healthcare sector must adapt to the increasing demands associated with international collaboration and serving patients from diverse cultures and languages. One of the key aspects that affect the quality of services provided and the reputation of a medical facility is […]

Modern Trends in Medical Translations: Breakthrough Solutions

In today’s global society, where information exchange transcends national borders, the importance of effective medical translations is growing. With technological advancements and the development of the medical field, innovative solutions are emerging to support precise and understandable translations in healthcare. One of the latest trends is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in medical translations. […]

Medical translations in ophthalmology

Medical translations in ophthalmology are extremely important because precise and understandable communication of information about eye health is crucial for effective patient care. In the case of medical translations in ophthalmology, it is worth considering several important aspects: Specialist medical knowledge: A medical translator in the field of ophthalmology should have solid medical knowledge related […]

Medical Translations in the Field of Rheumatology: Professional Solutions for Your Health Success

In today’s global world, access to the highest quality medical care is becoming more and more important. However, language is not always a barrier that can be easily overcome, especially in the field of rheumatology, where precise medical translations are essential. Our company specializes in providing professional medical translation services in the field of rheumatology […]

Medical translations in the field of ophthalmology

Medical translations in the field of ophthalmology can be very important, especially when the patient or medical staff do not speak a common language. Here are some examples of medical translations related to ophthalmology: Ophthalmological examinations: Angiography (angiografia) – A test that allows you to see the blood vessels in the eye.Visual acuity (ostrość wzroku) […]

Medical translation market in Poland

Medical translation plays a key role in communication between patients, doctors and other medical professionals around the world. In Poland, as in other countries, the demand for high-quality medical translations is constantly growing. This is influenced by both the development of medical technologies and the increasing globalization of healthcare. The medical translation market in Poland […]

Artificial intelligence in medical translations

Artificial intelligence is a field of computer science that is developing at a fast pace, and its impact on various areas of life is becoming more and more noticeable. One of the areas in which artificial intelligence is beginning to play an increasingly important role is medical translation. In this article, we will discuss the […]

Medical translation in the hospital

Medical translation in the hospital is a very important part of healthcare for patients who are not fluent in the language used in their country. In these situations, a medical interpreter may be necessary to help the patient understand the diagnosis, medical procedures, post-operative instructions, and prescribed medications. A medical interpreter can perform various roles […]

Medical translations in clinical trials

To translate medical clinical trials, the specific terminology and context in which the trials are conducted must be taken into account. Here are some examples of phrases that can be used in clinical trials and their translations: Badanie kliniczne – Clinical trialŚwiadoma zgoda – Informed consentPlacebo – placeboPodwójnie ślepe badanie – A double-blind studyGrupa kontrolna […]

Medical translations in scientific publications

Translating medical scientific publications can be a difficult task as it requires knowledge of specialized medical language and a thorough understanding of the subject of the publication. Below are some tips that can help you translate medical scientific publications: Understanding medical terminology – Before you start translating a medical publication, it is worth familiarizing yourself […]

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