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Terms and regulations


All documents and supplementary materials entrusted to us by the client are treated as confidential and shall under no circumstances be made available to third parties (with the exception of public-access materials, such as legal acts, press and Internet publications, etc.)
At the client?s request, MEDDEA can provide a separate non-disclosure agreement.

Cancellation of an order:

If the client cancels a translation once the work has been commenced, he is obliged to pay for all work completed prior to cancelation.

Complaints and responsibility:

Complaints must be made in writing, highlighting the errors, within 7 working days from the date of completion of the translation by MEDDEA. For a justified complaint, we reserve the exclusive right to carry out corrections to the translation.

Designated time of delivery:

MEDDEA is not responsible for delays caused by interruptions to fax or email connections, or for courier journey times.

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