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Medical translations in the field of ophthalmology

/ 13 September 2023 /

Medical translations in the field of ophthalmology can be very important, especially when the patient or medical staff do not speak a common language. Here are some examples of medical translations related to ophthalmology:

Ophthalmological examinations:

Angiography (angiografia) – A test that allows you to see the blood vessels in the eye.
Visual acuity (ostrość wzroku) – A measure of the eye’s ability to distinguish details.
Slit lamp examination (badanie lampą szczelinową)- A diagnostic method that allows for a detailed assessment of the structure of the eye.

Eye diseases:

Cataract (zaćma) – A disease in which the lens of the eye becomes cloudy.
Glaucoma (jaskra) – A disease characterized by increased intraocular pressure.
Retinal detachment (odwarstwienie siatkówki)- Detachment of the retina from the back of the eye.

Surgical procedures:

LASIK surgery(operacja LASIK) – Surgical vision correction using a laser.
Cataract surgery (operacja zaćmy)- Surgical removal of the cloudy lens of the eye.
Corneal transplant (przeszczep rogówki) – A procedure involving transplanting the cornea.

Therapies and medications:

Eye drops (krople do oczu) – Preparations for use in the eye, e.g. for the treatment of inflammation.
Contact lenses (soczewki kontaktowe) – Lenses used to correct vision.
Antibiotic ointment (maść antybiotyczna) – An antibiotic-containing ointment used to treat eye infections.

Expressions and instructions:

Close your eye (zamknij oko) – Instruction to the patient during the examination.
Blink your eyes (mrugnij oczami) – Instructions when testing the eye reaction.
Follow the light (śledź światło) – Instruction to the patient when testing for reaction to light.

Remember that medical translations in ophthalmology should be accurate and precise to avoid misunderstandings and provide patients with appropriate medical care. It is also important to use professional medical translators or translation tools that ensure medical terminology and linguistic accuracy.

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