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Medical translation market in Poland

/ 14 June 2023 /

Medical translation plays a key role in communication between patients, doctors and other medical professionals around the world. In Poland, as in other countries, the demand for high-quality medical translations is constantly growing. This is influenced by both the development of medical technologies and the increasing globalization of healthcare.

The medical translation market in Poland is dynamic and full of possibilities. Medical translators are crucial in providing accurate and precise translations of medical documents, clinical trials, laboratory results and other healthcare related materials. Their task is to translate these texts into the target language, while preserving medical terminology and medical context.

In recent years, several important trends have been observed on the Polish medical translation market. One of them is the growing use of technology and translation tools. Automatic machine translation (MT) systems, powered by artificial intelligence, are becoming more and more popular. They help speed up the translation process and increase efficiency, but in the case of medical translations, they still require the support and control of translators specializing in the field of medicine.

Another important aspect is the growing demand for medical interpreting. Visits to specialists, medical consultations and scientific conferences require the presence of medical interpreters who ensure smooth communication between patients, doctors and other medical professionals. Interpreters must possess both language proficiency and medical expertise to ensure the accuracy and comprehensibility of information.

In recent years, there has also been an increase in the number of trainings and courses for medical translators in Poland. Specialist knowledge and language skills are extremely important in this field, which is why more and more people are choosing to specialize in medical translation. Medical translation associations organize seminars, conferences and training to ensure further development and raising standards in this field.

The growing demand for medical translations in Poland is also related to the growing number of foreign patients who choose Polish medical centers. Poland is becoming an increasingly popular medical destination, offering high quality medical services at competitive prices. Therefore, the demand for medical translations in English, German, Russian and other foreign languages is constantly increasing.

To sum up, the medical translation market in Poland is dynamic and full of development opportunities. Technologies supporting translation, the demand for interpreting, the development of training for medical translators and the increase in the number of foreign patients are just some of the main trends observed on the medical translation market in Poland. Forecasts indicate that the industry will continue to grow and medical translators will play a key role in providing access to healthcare for patients from different countries and cultures.

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