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Interpreter at medical conferences

/ 17 February 2023 /

The work of an interpreter at medical conferences can be very demanding, as it requires not only high proficiency in a foreign language, but also medical knowledge. A translator needs to be able to translate not only words, but also medical terms, procedures and protocols.

Prior to the conference, the interpreter should review materials such as presentations and posters to gain a better understanding of the topic and terminology. It is also important that the translator has access to a medical dictionary and other sources that will help him in difficult situations.

During a conference, the interpreter should be focused and attentive to every word of the speaker in order to translate the content with accuracy and precision. It is also important for the interpreter to remain calm and able to think quickly in stressful situations such as audience questions or emergencies.

In addition to this, an interpreter at a medical conference should have excellent interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with speakers, other interpreters and conference attendees. It should also be flexible and open to cooperation to ensure a smooth flow of information between all parties.

All in all, the job of an interpreter at medical conferences requires a combination of high language proficiency and medical expertise, the ability to think quickly and focus, as well as excellent interpersonal skills and flexibility.

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