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Specializations in medical translation

/ 6 January 2023 /

Specializations in medical translation cover various fields of medicine, such as:

General medical translations: concerning general issues in the field of medicine, such as diseases, treatment, etc.

Specialist medical translations: concerning specific fields of medicine, such as surgery, oncology, neurology, etc.

Pharmaceutical translations: regarding drugs and their use.

Medical translations in the field of public health: concerning issues related to healthcare and public health.

Medical translations in the field of health sciences: concerning issues related to health sciences, such as dietetics, psychology, physiotherapy, etc.

Medical translations require a good command of the language and specialist knowledge in a given field of medicine. Medical translators should also be well versed in current trends and developments in the field of medicine.

Meddea, due to its orientation and specialization in the field of medicine and related sciences, guarantees high quality of medical translations.

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