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Medical translations in clinical trials

/ 21 March 2023 /

To translate medical clinical trials, the specific terminology and context in which the trials are conducted must be taken into account.

Here are some examples of phrases that can be used in clinical trials and their translations:

Badanie kliniczne – Clinical trial
Świadoma zgoda – Informed consent
Placebo – placebo
Podwójnie ślepe badanie – A double-blind study
Grupa kontrolna – Control group
Badanie losowe – A randomized study
Skutki uboczne – Side effects
Zdarzenia niepożądane – Adverse events
Skuteczność – Effectiveness
Bezpieczeństwo – Safety
Punkt końcowy – Endpoint
Obserwacja poszpitalna – Follow-up
Please note that medical translation of clinical trials requires special attention and should only be performed by specialists who have knowledge and experience in the field of medicine and translation.

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